OnePlus 6, is growing but continues to lose its essence

Since we have with us the OnePlus 6, the last mobile phone of the Chinese company that both gives that talk. And on this occasion,…

Oneplus 6

Since we have with us the OnePlus 6, the last mobile phone of the Chinese company that both gives that talk. And on this occasion, the novelties are not rare. As we recently published, the terminal has a specification dropouts, but also some fringes, some of which draw them away from their essence.

And that is when brands will mature many times mutate. And this is what has happened to OnePlus, which ever is less like the brand that began with his OnePlus One. Their terminals are becoming more polished, but also more massive. Less niche. And this has its consequences.



The first criticism that can be done to OnePlus is that the design of this terminal is excessively conventional. OnePlus has pointed to the fashion of the notch without this contribution really something, as all manufacturers Android just copied Apple.

what’s a notch? The only justification is that the display occupies the entire terminal, and leave a gap for the camera. It is the excuse of Apple (well, camera and sensors varied) but in this case does not percolate. the At the bottom of the phone there is no screen. Therefore the mobile has an asymmetry that personally annoys me almost as much as the notch, which makes no sense, as it provides more screen just where it’s not used for anything.

The avoidance of the killer by OnePlus him away from their origins, with their finishes amazing (that rear soft-touch, slate colour, of your first terminal) or the introduction of the alert slider as a physical access extra that is now so characteristic of their terminals.

But the notch is not the only change, finishes in glass are also a novelty. And this is a design decision that perhaps makes the most sense, but about the design that lately we’re getting used Samsung. Honestly, it is hard to innovate much in the design of mobile terminals, to the final finishes of the rear are limited and the front will end up being single crystal, but on this occasion it seems to me that the OnePlus 6 is losing your personality.

Price and distribution

Oneplus Price

As it comes to us getting used OnePlus in each revision of your terminal, there has been a price increase. On this occasion, OnePlus 6 starts at 520 euros. Since we are not talking about “a high-end 300 euros” as in the beginning, but also an approximation to a high-end (it’s missing some things, such as water resistance, that the port is still USB 2.0…) to more than 500 euros. It is true that the high end, there were around 700 euros when he left in the first OnePlus, now hovering around 1000 euros, and therefore this terminal will continue to be the resource of the want a lot at a lower price, but already is not what it was.

Also loses its essence OnePlus for the distribution. In its origins used a strategy very efficient for not to stay with stock, that was the system of invitations. Then I managed to remove, but continued using the direct sales to control the price. Now we find that this terminal will be sold officially in Amazon in addition to through its website. Hence the reasons for the price increase: if you sell through a distributor you have to give something of the margin, and the prices can’t be so tight. The good thing is that as well, go to frightened by the theft of credit cards that were at the end of last year.


Marketing Oneplus

But the essence of the OnePlus is not losing only in the product itself, but also in their marketing department.

In the early OnePlus primarily using guerrilla marketing, doing teasers, using social networks and, of course, its system of invitations that spread quickly on the Internet. They managed to create also a community very interesting in their forums and their best ambassadors of the brand were the customers.

In the present, and although there is still this part of marketing, have gone on to be a company much more conventional. In fact already put ads (it is not uncommon to listen to them on podcast in the U.S., for example) and have a relationship more fluid with the press: a loan of terminals for analysis, information can be withheld before a launch, and even information exclusive as the one provided by the CEO of OnePlus to The Verge a few weeks ago to silence criticism by the notch. All much more conventional in the origins of the brand.

In short, OnePlus started a form but your essence, that was already slowly losing, is blurring. It is still a good option for those who want a phone powerful without getting to the 1000 euro that offer the most well-known brands, but it is not the bargain of the principle are not in the same league. This has its advantages (stock is abundant, the software is extremely polished) but also their drawbacks (design little edgy, higher price).

we’ll See what the future holds.

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OnePlus 6, is growing but continues to lose its essence
May 16, 2018

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