OnePlus and its strategy of launching two high-end the year, what genius, or mistake?

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    OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5

    OnePlus surprised in the past year by launching two terminals of the high-end: the OnePlus 3 at the beginning of the year and the OnePlus 3T at the end of the same. The changes were minimal, just took the opportunity to change the processor, the battery and draw a model of 128 GB. And it seemed that there was the thing. But it is not.

    This year, OnePlus has repeated. At the beginning of the year presented by the OnePlus 5. the And today, it has presented the model 5T. In this case the main difference is not the SoC (have repeated the Snapdragon 835) but in the design: the new OnePlus has the frames smaller and has increased the 5.5-inch display to 6.01 without barely change in size. You are now in the line of the high-end of this year.

    what Is the point of two ranges high per year?

    The debate about whether it makes sense for some manufacturers provide two high-end in a year is not new. Sony did it in the past and in the end ended up discouraged. Yes, the problems then are somewhat different to those who have OnePlus.

    When Sony renewed two times the high-end of the year, first announcing and then took several months to get to the sale. And therefore the effect was that when someone bought the terminal looked as it was out-of-date quickly (at least on paper, because the terminals new took several months to get to sale). OnePlus doesn’t have this problem: according to announces its terminals the put up for sale.

    OnePlus 5T

    Sony also had another problem and it was their main channel of distribution were the operators, that they first want to remove stock in the middle. Instead, OnePlus sells mostly directly, so that their terminals new arrive quickly to consumers.

    Another problem that I had Sony is was leaving in the lurch to old terminals, with what that they bought looked like the software updates were coming more quickly to the new. The feeling of the customers were many times of frustration. Instead, OnePlus, for now, maintains the terminals up to date software, more or less at the same time giving decent support (yes, they are somewhat slow to update but much faster than other brands supposedly much more powerful).

    Reasons why OnePlus has done well in renovating its terminals at 6 months

    OnePlus has two good reasons to renew the range every six months. First, to be a brand with a unique terminal in the market has its peak of sales in the launch, and then failing because the terminal is somewhat “out of date”. The way to keep the sales and interest it is to price falls (an example of this is Samsung) and what we have seen recently with some interesting offers of the OnePlus 5. But let’s not forget that these price decreases what they do is the erosion of the margin of the manufacturer. Another way to maintain sales is renovating the terminal and re-position it at the same price (or even higher) to the previous model.

    Another reason why the OnePlus has done well to renew their terminals is that their message is that you have a high range to a mid-range price. To keep this claim they have to have the characteristics of a high-end. Last year with the OnePlus 3 was something short soon, because Qualcomm brought out a new processor. Not that it was very decisive (it was a renewal lower) and maybe here the main reason was relaunch the terminal to maintain sales without reducing the price.

    OnePlus 5T

    This year, however, the OnePlus 5 yes was left out of the high-end design. All the range high have gone to mark’s hyper-reduced (even the iPhone, with its model X). And they don’t. So I had a sense a renewal in which to present the same terminal with settings that are more reduced (despite the paste of put the finger sensor on the back, trying to compensate with the face recognition that will surely not be as powerful as the iPhone X because it does not have sensors dedicated).

    And finally, to have a single handset that OnePlus can’t do as other brands go renov├índolos alternately. For example Samsung renews its terminals every year, but at the beginning of year renews the range S and at the end of the range Note. Therefore launches two terminals of the high-end of the year, even if they have a slicer to something different. OnePlus does the same thing but with a single terminal.

    Problems faced by OnePlus

    OnePlus 5T

    however, not everything is rosy. Get two terminals to the year he also has hit. On the one hand, although the distribution and support of software OnePlus is the best of Sony in 2013-14, the customers who buy the OnePlus 5 a couple of months you may feel somewhat cheated. And if this is repeated a lot of the people just learning, and the cycles of purchase and fall of sales is accelerating, with what OnePlus would have the same problem if you launch each year.

    on the other hand take out two terminals to year requires a lot more engineering effort, which represents more expenses. This makes the end terminals have to cost more, a movement that we have been seeing from time to time.

    And then there is a structural problem: the users are lengthening the time of renewal of mobile. So while some brands debating internally whether to renew terminals every year is excessive, OnePlus is going against the current.

    But sometimes you go against the grain is good, it is daring and it works. Of time OnePlus has made, out of nothing, to be a brand relevant to a global level, very followed by the media and a group of fans who don’t always see in other brands. There is that to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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    OnePlus and its strategy of launching two high-end the year, what genius, or mistake?
    November 16, 2017

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