OnePlus send your IMEI unencrypted whenever you want an update

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    OnePlus March 3

    we can qualify OnePlus as the expert in ‘hype’ when a new device of the Chinese company is on track. And it’s no wonder considering the price they have to see their specifications. Obviously, to offer these advantages have to cut somewhere, but we find it difficult to see.

    But there are decisions that, at least from the point of view of a user, have no clear justification, such it would be if every time a terminal of OnePlus looking for a software update (either the user who does manually or automatically search), the IMEI is sent unencrypted .

    Just to be clear, when a terminal for updates, or yes must send the IMEI of your device manufacturer to servers to see if this is turn to receive an update or you have to wait. What happens is that most (at least the most recognized) manufacturers send this data encryption to prevent easily intercepted.

    OnePlus is aware of this for quite some time , and the forum and they said at the time that will sort, but is not yet resolved and it is not known when they will. Oxygen said in 3.5.0 (which you can flash) this is patched, but a member of XDA-Developers has checked and still not sent encrypted .

    the privacy of users of a OnePlus may be in danger, because when the terminal for updates, it sends the IMEI unencrypted, so we could eventually put at the mercy of a hacker with malicious intent.

    This issue can take its toll if the terminal frequently looking updates while you are connected to a public network , as it can be happen to be a hacker with bad intentions, randomly, has been interested in your data and want to him without take you to dinner or anything .

    not that we as a hobby users to check for software updates while connected to the network of an airport, a coffee shop or restaurant, but also this is something that a manufacturer should not let it happen , and even more so when it takes some time getting to know this problem.

    as much as I might like a manufacturer (for the actions that have been carried out), there are things that should be allowed, especially if it is at stake the security of our data . Hopefully facing the definitive version 3.5.0 OxygenOS the problem is finally resolved, meanwhile, it is best to be careful when we look for updates

    Via. | XDA-Developers
    Engadget Android | OxygenOS 3.5 and can be installed in OnePlus 3, although it is a beta version

    The news OnePlus send your IMEI unencrypted whenever you want an update was originally published in Engadget Android by Santiago Luque .

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    OnePlus send your IMEI unencrypted whenever you want an update
    August 27, 2016

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