Online Music Alarm Clock, to schedule online music alarms

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     online music alarm clock

    Online Music Alarm Clock is a service similar to and other that differs from these by changing the noisy alarms predetermined by the songs available on millions of YouTube videos. It’s probably not as efficient as Wake-if I put my favorite song I’m sleeping, but it can be useful for generating musical reminders.

    To program an alarm simply press the button September Music Alarm which is nothing more than a search engine built on the site YouTube. In the search box enter the keywords of the video or favorite song for this alarm, press Enter and click on Select Song on the corresponding result from the several deployed.

    The following will manually enter the time you expect to start the alarm and then confirm with the button Set Alarm , as soon it’s time (it is important not close the tab which is open Online Music Alarm Clock ) will start playing the video automatically.

    Something interesting is that you can program not only one but multiple alarms, with a different video dedicated to each, being always available for management pressing Alarm List . By the way, for faster access to the site, is also as
    for Google Chrome

    Link: Online Music Alarm Clock

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    Online Music Alarm Clock, to schedule online music alarms
    August 31, 2013

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