Oppo R5, test (with video)

Shortly lasted at Oppo R5 crown the world’s thinnest smartphone, just the time it took to launch its Live X5 Max although a about to come to our markets the truth is that here Oppo R5 itself will be the thinnest smartphone we can buy .

That is why we could not pass the opportunity to get their hands to ultrathin smartphone Oppo, so we can bring you a thorough analysis of their potential and handicaps that will kick doubts if you are thinking to make you one, disponible and the price of 399 euros with a gift for a limited time as Power Bank.

We have clear superiority of Chinese manufacturers in design and construction of devices that also manage to keep at bay the price either, though it remains to be seen whether these exercises to demonstrate might also translate into good sales.

So far we imaginaréis its main drawback, autonomy, although if you want to know everything about the Oppo R5 must follow to Engadget

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Oppo R5, test (with video)
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