Order your bookmarks in Chrome for Android with this trick

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    Organize your bookmarks in Chrome for Android with this trick

    One of the novelties that will arrive soon to the browser Chrome for Android is the sorting of markers. Currently we can organize them by folders but does not let us sort your position in the list from our mobile device, only from the computer.

    Google allows us to test this feature by manually activating the sorting of markers through the functions of experimental Chrome for Android.

    How to enable the sorting of bookmarks

    If we want to sort from because the position of our markers from the Android we just have to follow these steps:

    1. Opens Chrome for Android.
    2. Enter the address Chrome://flags.
    3. Search for the word “Bookmarks”.
    4. Active (Enabled) the function Reorder bookmarks (#enable-bookmark-reorder).
    5. Tap Relaunch Now for the changes to take effect.

    once activated the rearrangement of markers we can drag the markers position with a long press, or by clicking on the menu of each bookmark. This menu allows you to raise/lower or move the beginning or end of a marker.

    Sort Bookmarks

    In this way we can put in the first positions of the markers most used to have them more accessible. When we add a new marker is added by default in the last position, but now with this trick we can change its position.

    Google Chrome: fast and secure

    Google Chrome: fast and secure

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    Order your bookmarks in Chrome for Android with this trick
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    September 26, 2019

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