PaperFold, foldable smartphone with 3 e-ink screen

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    Remember the Yotaphone A dual-screen smartphone in which one of them was electronic ink , so greatly increasing their autonomy. Now imagine a phone that not only use screens of this type, but also the ability to add new panels to add additional functionality (and size).

    Just that is Human Media Lab working on team from Queen’s University, for now this is a prototype and have called PaperFold. Obviously, being a developing device, its appearance is not the best and is very far from having a final design, but given its features and possibilities, look good.


    3 panel customizable electronic ink

    Currently prototype has 3 screens , ink panels electronics can operate separately or uniting with a simple click, thus the interface and functions automatically adapt to the situation. For example, you are viewing the gallery on a panel and hook another one of the photos displayed full-screen, frame mode.

    panels can be folded and varying its position so do the items on the screen, can put the PaperFold in position to write stretch mode or laptop to see a full map. Below you can see a video of the operation of the prototype.

    Watch the video

    PaperFold moment is only a prototype , part of a research and see it working with Google Maps makes us think we could run a light version of Android. As we have said does not look like the final product and may not be reached, but that there have been other devices that have finally led to other applications using the same technology. Curious, what do you think?

     paperfold-2  paperfold-4  paperfold-5 paperfold-1-820x420

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    PaperFold, foldable smartphone with 3 e-ink screen
    May 2, 2014

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