‘Perfect Bones’, the producer of ‘Ghost in the Shell’, will be the first original anime Netflix


a few months ago, Netflix executives commented in an interview that one of its future projects would be work with producers Japan anime to create original series for your platform . It’s a great movement; anime is consumed throughout the world and, although there are platforms that distribute internationally as Crunchyroll, Netflix can be found in Japanese animation a powerful weapon to attract subscribers.

It is not the first time that Netflix acquires rights anime, but the first exclusive purchasing globally. This first project will come from the hand of one of the most powerful producers in the country, Production IG ., That among his titles include hits like the adrenalítica ‘the attack on Titan’ or dystopia fantastic ” Psycho-Pass’ . His works are animated Ghost in the Shell ‘, the Jin-Roh movie or video game designs as’ Tales of Symphonia’, to name a few examples.

Kazuto Nakazawa ( ‘. Kill Bill Vol 1’, ‘Parasite Dolls’) will direct ‘Perfect Bones’, a futuristic science fiction story where genetic tests have carried create perfect humans living held to be studied by an organization that wants to use them for their plans new world order. Almost nothing. The 12 episodes will be premiered at the same time (the usual model of the original Netflix) worldwide.

Hopefully this is one of many agreements worldwide distribution that comes Netflix with animation productions Japan, a market that opens dozens of new titles and seasons in each season (there are four seasons a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter). There is a lot mimetic, repetitive and uninteresting between everything that comes out every year in Japan production, but every year there are a handful of interesting titles and stimulating ; Netflix hopefully bring us many home.

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The news ‘Perfect Bones’, the producer of ‘Ghost in the Shell’, will be the first original anime Netflix was originally published in Tele Go by Adriana Izquierdo .

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‘Perfect Bones’, the producer of ‘Ghost in the Shell’, will be the first original anime Netflix
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