Person 5 exceeded 2.7 million units sold

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    it Is the delivery of the saga’s most sold, and the next year you will receive an expanded version on PS4.

    Atlus has confirmed that Person 5 exceeded 2.7 million units sold, to 300,000 units more than announced earlier this month.

    The game of role –the best selling in the series– was released on PlayStation 4 and PS3, in 2016 in Japan and in 2017 in the West.

    The coming year arrives in the West Person 5: The Royal, enlarged version that includes changes in the gameplay, interface, new locations, new, confident, a new Phantom Thief, and a new school semester to discover new adventures.

    Also offer new graphics -improvements for PS4-Pro, and a new sequence of start and end signed by Lyn, as well as new music composed by Meguro.

    Person 5 exceeded 2.7 million units sold

    Person 5 exceeded 2.7 million units sold
    April 24, 2019

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