Peter Molyneux was in a state of depression problems GODÜS

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    Already recovering.
    Simon Phillips, the head of 22Cans , has said that Peter Molyneux has already recovered after passing through a state depression to the disastrous administration has been GODÜS by the company.
    “I believe that faced many questions, like why am I doing this? What am I trying to achieve with this? How we got here ? arrived to bottom “Phillips said.
    Peter had to gather and study other guys so they would know what had happened . Nobody wanted to talk about it or try to deal with the situation, but I knew we had to be aware of this and work out what had happened, be practical and move on. “
    It has been three or four months since then and the transformation of Peter’s amazing . It is going to be himself and re-engage with new designs for both The Trail to GODÜS “.
    it is designed with enthusiasm for both projects , which is fine, because it would not have to worry about boring things related to the administration and management “.
    This was the result of a problem that is found 22Cans in developing GODÜS, funded on Kickstarter , because after a long period of development Molyneux said he would not be able to fulfill all the promises he made to the game, which led him to throw himself all the blame and go into depression.


    Peter Molyneux was in a state of depression problems GODÜS
    July 29, 2015

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