Phil Spencer of Microsoft jokes about a new game from the father of Final Fantasy

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    Rumors are unleashed, but it was just a joke
    Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios, has made a comment on the social network Twitter that triggered rumors. Microsoft could present one Hironobu Sakaguchi new game next Tuesday .
    Sakaguchi, father of the Final Fantasy series during his career at Square Soft, and now responsible for his own company, Mistwalker has created two games for Xbox 360 : Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are his creations. His last game so far is The Last Story on Wii.
    Spencer was asked on Twitter by user ” when do you think you’re ready to talk about your new role playing game for Xbox Sakaguchi One? “. Mistwalker has not announced any project for Xbox One, what the user made clear knowledge and Spencer told “you can laugh at me.” The executive took seriously the invitation to respond “on Tuesday …”.

    course, Spencer strictly made the comment jokingly, and he explained that “it was a joke, he told me laugh at him “. Spencer notes that “like Sakaguchi,.. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were great sorry if I created illusions Mistwalker have not talked to in a while.”
    Recall also that the executive has expressed concern about the Japanese market and realized soon after that are preparing specific games for Japanese tastes .


    Phil Spencer of Microsoft jokes about a new game from the father of Final Fantasy
    February 24, 2014

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