Philips wins a lawsuit against Nintendo for patent

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    Relating to the Wii Remote.
    Philips has won a legal victory in the first instance in a legal battle over patent with Nintendo reference to the Wii Remote. The Japanese company has already announced that it will appeal.
    Philips has the same patent lawsuits in the U.S., UK, Germany and France. This resolution is judiciary has occurred in the UK and although it has rejected one of the patents wielded Philips, the judge considered that Nintendo itself violates other two.
    Judge Colin Birss statement that Nintendo has violated two patents of Philips considering that the Japanese company has failed to demonstrate that it is irrelevant patents, as it has happened with the umpire. dismissed Philips Patent refers to “a body model in a virtual environment” . was
    Birss The sentence states that “general knowledge does not include a physical device that combines a motion sensor with a camera and the reasons given by Nintendo to bring these two sensors in one unit is not convincing. “
    Nintendo has argued that the two patents are invalid and Philips anticipates that will appeal . This is a first instance judgment , so there may still be legal dispute for years.
    Philips has indicated that it wanted to go to trial but have tried since 2011 to reach an agreement with Nintendo, which has not been possible, that led them to file lawsuits in four countries.
    Not dictated what should be the compensation for Nintendo Philips British system by this part of the judgment is delayed yet another month. In any case, shall not apply-at least temporarily-as they should be resolved appeals.


    Philips wins a lawsuit against Nintendo for patent
    June 22, 2014

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