PhotoAffix, such a useful application that should be a default tool on Android

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    20160102 165346 Affix

    Combining Shots on Android is a bit tedious . Yes, very interesting applications-oriented social networks like Layout Instagram. The problem comes when we want something simpler: take two or three photos and create an image file with all of them together. If you do many screenshots (for me it is fundamental to the posts) as simple is that you spend all of your computer and from there ye all work with an editing tool.

    PhotoAffix it is an application that solves all these problems and after having tested I wonder why Google has been slow to adopt this tool or purchase the app to introduce Photos. If you need to combine images often, you will like the app that will teach you today: simple, powerful and free plus

    The classic tool

    > The editing application is incredibly easy to use . Opening it we will get a list of all images we have created / saved recently in our Android. At the top you will see a menu that displays when you touch the choices that are available to create our combined image: space between images, background color … not always going to want photos stuck , touch these parameters do not give a much needed extra freedom.

    To gather images all you have to do is select the photos in question and then give the Affix button at the top. Then the application will ask us what we want to copy size. By default the ratio is 1: 1 so if we combined three images of 1000 x 1000 pixels, the result is a picture of 3000 x 1000 or 1000 x 3000 as the alignment you have chosen. When resizing the application does a good job and not spoil much the original

    Tip:. Is possible that if you test to put several large pictures in a document, you give an error message saying that does not have enough RAM to process . Its creator says it’s working on it at the moment so if you see that gives you a failure with very large photos, try to resize them first or do a more modest collage.

    That’s all offers and after trying it I insist that Android would be great to come with this tool within the application or Google Photos gallery. Does not have the artistic touch of Layout but simple and quick jobs, is the most recommended app.

     20160102 163954 Affix

    Here’s an example of how Affyx gets after screenshots and prepared with a margin of separation of 50 x 50 pixels and a greenish background.


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    News PhotoAffix, such a useful application that should be a default tool on Android was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    PhotoAffix, such a useful application that should be a default tool on Android
    January 2, 2016

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