Photobulk, places a watermark on your photos quickly

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    Place a watermark in our photographs is something that over time I’ve come to see with good eyes. Not because it will get us respect the images, it’s up to the ethics of each, but because those who see it can quickly identify the authors. Photobulk is a simple application that allows you add watermarks to our images.

    Explain the operation did not really think it’s necessary. The operation and the interface is very simple to understand so adding a watermark which can be either a text (select text if we can define the font to use and size and opacity) or an image will take some time.

    With Photobulk redimensaionar can also quickly images. Finally, once the position of the watermark (using a grid of 3 × 3) adjust the optimization of export and ready. We’ll have our images with the watermark set and ready to get on the internet.

    The price is 6.99 euros Photobulk . If you will not use applications like Lightroom, Aperture or other heavier this is a good option. Another option is to use Automator by creating your own flow.

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    Photobulk, places a watermark on your photos quickly
    November 17, 2012

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