Pier Solar HD also coming to Android and Ouya

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     Pier Solar PierSolarHD HD also coming to Android and Ouya Many may not may know the story of Pier Solar , a game developed by WaterMelon out in 2010, exclusively for MegaDrive. Yes, for a console output for 24 years. And now, a few weeks ago, opened a to other devices and consoles.

    So, according to the amount obtained, Pier Solar HD would roughly platforms . Luckily, a few days for its closure, it seems that this RPG will raise the money needed to get both Dreamcast (yes, a little odd too), Xbox 360, Linux, Mac, PC and, interests us Android devices , Ouya included.

    There are still a few hours to finish the collection and so far, lack little to get all their objectives Make the title and also reach Wii U, Nintendo’s new console. But what we care about, the game would the devices mentioned on December next year . Let’s wait.

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    Pier Solar HD also coming to Android and Ouya
    Source: www.xatacandroid.com  
    December 3, 2012

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