Pixelmator adds integration with the new features of macOS

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    Pixelmator for Mac has been updated, and the new version 3.7 with some new features, including support for importing images HEIF and integration with the application Photos of macOS High Sierra.

    The image editor for Mac now has support for the new function “Edit With” in the application Photos, and allows you to import images HEIF made with the latest iPhones. This version has full compatibility with macOS High Sierra, including support for integration of tools from third-party editing in the application Photos.

    users of Photos can be used Pixelmator to edit their images from their libraries and save the changes to your library iCloud Photo without problems.

    The update has several improvements, including a best Repair Tool with the ability to drag images from Photos and Safari directly on the canvas in Pixelmator, and better support for Photoshop files, PSD.

    Pixelmator available in the Mac App Store for a price of 29.99 dollars.


    Pixelmator adds integration with the new features of macOS
    Source: www.ipodtotal.com  
    October 17, 2017

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