Post an ad for Amiibos in exchange for intimate photos

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    Intended to expose her breasts in exchange for several Amiibos.
    href=”” Craigslist is a web popular in several countries which reproduces the model ranked traditional press ads and, occasionally, the news for bizarre ads, which do not always know if written seriously or joke.
    This time the news comes through a classified ad published in Miami, USA (already has been removed ), in which an image of a breast (supposedly, the woman who had posted the ad) in exchange for the Amiibo offered to Captain Falcon or Pit. “ will teach my tits in exchange Amiibo Captain Falcon or Pit – $ 5″ is read in the ad. “I really want these Amiibos” he added. “More by Marth, the Village or girl Wii Fit”.
    The announcement was accompanied by a picture of a chest partially covered with Amiibo Kirby to avoid see nipple. It is unclear whether the ad was some kind of joke, but it is most probable.
    In any case, it is not the only madness that unleashed the figures of Nintendo, since only a few weeks ago thousands of dollars were paid for faulty figures on eBay, as $ 25,000 a Peach without legs


    Post an ad for Amiibos in exchange for intimate photos
    January 3, 2015

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