Prepare the tissues: ‘Toy Story 4’ has a final historic, according to Tom Hanks

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    Prepare your handkerchiefs: 'Toy Story 4' has a final historic, according to Tom Hanks

    After the great ‘The incredibles 2’, the next sequel of Pixar to hit theaters is ‘Toy Story 4’, a project that many dismiss it as unnecessary. But of course, it didn’t seem that ‘Toy Story 3’ would be to contribute nothing and left us moments hilarious and emotive, in addition to a outcome memorable. Precisely, the biggest fear about the fourth part is to ruin the end of the trilogy current.

    however, sometimes we forget of what it is capable Pixar. Today we can read some statements from Tom Hanks that make us more optimistic about ‘Toy Story 4’. The actor who puts the voice of Woody in the original version, ensures that the new delivery has a final historic, and what is true is that your words fit with the reaction of his fellow actor, Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear).

    In an interview for BBC Sounds, Hanks spoke about the experience of recording their dialogues to the end of ‘Toy Story 4’ and account that was so intense that I didn’t want to look at the people I was working:

    “When you are recording Toy Story, you’re in a room with the computer that created it. When I went to my last day of recording, I wanted to give back, because normally you’re face to be able to look it up [to the screen] and talk about it. But I didn’t want to see them and I wanted to do as if they could not see me. When I realized where they were going, I thought: Oh, this is a historic moment.”

    Toy Story 3

    what he says Tom Hanks is necessary to add what he said before Tim Allen, who, by the way as a fan of the cinema of superheroes, mentioned ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. There you have it…

    “I have to resist get emotional because, I don’t want to reveal anything, but it is a story incredibly great… it Is so exciting, so fun, and so great was the idea that it has happened… The 3 was incredible, with this I could not handle the last scene. They have great characters, but a couple of scenes towards the end are really difficult to overcome.”

    my Mother. I still have not seen anything and already I’m altering, thinking of what Pixar has been able to build to continue the story of the toys most memorable in the history of cinema. Let us remember that ‘Toy Story 4’ has been directed by the debutant Josh Cooley and will be released in theaters June 21, 2019. There are only something over seven months…

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    Prepare the tissues: ‘Toy Story 4’ has a final historic, according to Tom Hanks
    November 2, 2018

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