Priyanka Avoiding the Virus that affects WhatsApp

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    A virus called “Priyanka” is affecting a lot of users WhatsApp for a few days. Here we tell you all the news of this vulnerability and we explain how can warn you not to be affected.



    WhatsApp attacks

    WhatsApp is the instant messaging application used in the Western world in both Android and other platforms like iOS or BlackBerry, one of those apps that are not lacking in any smartphone. That is why there are a lot of hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities and attempt either malicious intent or by the mere fact of getting headaches fun for users.

    A few days ago has begun to spreading a virus called “Priyanka” already is affecting a lot of users worldwide.

    Actually it is not a virus but a vulnerability that behaves as such. But how does it work? If we receive a new contact named “Priyanka” and we add our contacts, our contact Whatsapp will be renamed “Priyanka”. Within how annoying it can get to be this good thing is that apparently, the vulnerability does nothing more than change the name of contacts in WhatsApp and does not affect anything else. By this I mean that the virus is not installed on the phone by itself so if you receive a contact name “Priyanka” any friend of WhatsApp NOT add them to your contacts because that way the virus will not affect you as least.

    WhatsApp Priyanka

    How to avoid being infected by Priyanka?

    Now let’s the interesting thing, how to avoid being infected with Priyanka? Or in the worst case, how do I get rid of it if I have been infected? Let’s see.

    To avoid being attacked, all you have to do is ignore your friend requests WhatsApp to add a contact name “Priyanka”.

    If you have been infected , you must disable all connectivity on your device (WiFi, data, bluetooth, etc), delete the contact from your list and Priyanka clean WhatsApp database, so that the next time we use it is like the first time and have to configure it again. However, the application makes a backup so we can recover our conversations.

    WhatsApp Priyanka-

    That is, happening in clean, Priyanka to get rid of you:

    Delete “Priyanka” to your contact list .

  • On your phone, go to Settings -> Applications -> Whatsapp .
  • There select “Force stop”, and then click “Delete data “.
  • WhatsApp

  • start again, you will have to configure and conversations automatically restored.
  • see the solution is fairly simple, but prevention is always better than cure so avoid adding contacts that do not know, especially if they have the name Priyanka …

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    Priyanka Avoiding the Virus that affects WhatsApp
    July 8, 2013

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