PSN: An exploit would allow access to credit card without security code

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    You need an account stolen, and it is recommended to always enable the verification of two steps.

    MP1st has reported on what could be a exploit -exploit or take advantage of a vulnerability – in to PlayStation Network use a credit card in PS Store without using the security code. This data is mandatory when you set up the account or when you make the purchase from another console, but in other cases it does not ask for the security code.

    This exploit would enable anyone with data stolen from a PSN account by any means -for example, when you use the same password on multiple services – make use of the credit card.

    “Not a exploit of the consoles, it’s the network”, says one of the sources to the environment, that signals that would have been available for about five years. When it was reported to Sony, the company responded that “it does not seem a security risk” and related it more with a case of fraud.

    This media has posted a video of the user who has decided to make public the exploit.

    Given that you need an account stolen previously, the damage of the exploit would be limited, but it is recommended to have always turned on the process of verification of two steps and use a different password to the one used in the post, or any other website.

    PSN: An exploit would allow access to credit cards without security code

    PSN: An exploit would allow access to credit card without security code
    July 4, 2019

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