Samsung Galaxy S20 lançamento do live blog: we’re live at Unpacked 2020

O Samsung Galaxy S 20 launch is a matter of moments away – an event Samsung is calling Galaxy Unpacked 2020 – and we&o’;re expecting to the company introduz at least four new devices (and perhaps even more) on stage in San Francisco.

O Samsung Galaxy S 20 launch is a matter of moments away - an event Samsung is calling Galaxy Unpacked 2020 - and we...

Samsung&o’;s Unpacked event is set to take place at 11 PST (2PM EST, 7PQ GMT) today (February 11), or 5AM AEDT on February 12 for those in Australia. If you want to watch along, we&o’;ve got a guide on how to watch the experiência Samsung Unpacked live stream, so you can watch the stream while following along with our live blog commentary.

We&o’;re live at the event to bring you all the information on the new smartphones as well as give our first thoughts on the new gadgets as soon as they estreia, in our Samsung Unpacked 2020 live blog below. 

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Device-wise, we&o’;re expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy S 20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip and, perhaps, even a pair of Galaxy Buds Plus headphones. But for anything else – we&o’;ll have to see.

Samsung Galaxy S20 lançamento do live blog

All times in US Pacific Time (PT)

10:15 – We&o’;re sat down ready for the event in London to begin, and you can see our slightly overwhelming view below. Please pray for our eyes from these very bright lights.

09:05 – We&o’;re just about to head off to the event in San Fran as well as the one in London. Wish us luck in getting there on time so we can keep this live blog up and running when we&o’;re there.

08:30 –This is a bit of hectic day with lots of announcements incluindo Royole and Vivo pulling out of MWC, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro coming to the UK and much more happening alongside the S20 lançamento.

07:55– We&o’;ve moved onto breakfast now in preparation for a long day-ahead. As we&o’;ve been drinking coffee, we&o’;vê noticed the livestream for the Galaxy S20 launch has been published on YouTube.

You can watch it directly using the embed below or you can read our how to watch the Samsung Galaxy S 20 event if you want an alternative to YouTube.

07:04 – Sunrise in San Francisco! Can&o’;t be long to go now. Just four short hours… Okay, there&o’;s still quiet para wait. Don&o’;t forget to have your say in our Twitter poll.

06:00 – As we wake up on the West coast of America, if you&o’;re still hankering for your fix of mobile news then you&o’;ll want to check out our MWC 2020 coverage.

The huge phone show takes place at the end of February in Barcelona, Spain, and we&o’;ll be live reporting from the conference to bring you all the latest news from the likes of Huawei, Sony, Motorola, Nokia and more.

05:00 – A good way to predict what will happen today at&o’;a Samsung event is to look back and see what happened at Unpacked 2019.

And it was a busy event, with four S10 phones (the S10, S10e, S10 Plus and S10 5G), the Galaxy ‘Fold’, o Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

  • Everything that launched at Samsung Unpacked 2019

04:00 – Aside from the handsets, and potentially a new set of wireless earbuds, could we see more new products launched at Samsung Unpacked 2020? It&o’;s less likely, but there have been rumores sobre a nova smartwatch and potentially a new tablet too.

In 2019, Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S5e around the same time as the Galaxy S10 séries, so we wouldn&o’;t rule out Galaxy Tab S6e this time around. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 has also been espalhado boatos.

It could well be a very busy evento.

03:15 – Could this be the final leak of the Galaxy S 20? It&o’;s likely actualização que vale apena considerar the event is only eight hours away. Trusted Twitter leaker Evan Blass você shared an advert of the new devices, but it&o’;s only visível to some.

You&o’;ll have to follow him on Twitter to be able to watch the video. If you don&o’;t, you devia&o’;t be too worried and it&o’;s the exact design that we&o’;ve seen before for the Galaxy S20 phones it&o’;s just that this time the devices are in motion.

03:00 –What are you most excited to hear about today? Have you say in our Twitter poll below.

02:30 – Olá all! It&o’;s 8 and a half hours until Samsung&o’;s next big launch event and we&o’;re set to talk you through everything that happens throughout the day ahead of the show, and from it too.

You&o’;ve got plenty of time to catch up on all of the leaks so far, but if you&o’;re in a rush we&o’;vê pulled together the big movie database on the new phones and devices we expect to see below. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S 20 – this is espalhado boatos to be the core device of the Galaxy S20 family with the smallest screen of the three devices but still sporting flagship spec.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – the larger version of the phone is set to have semelhante spec to the S20 but it may come with a few extra adições like an extra mata-atirador.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – this is a bit of a surpresa phone here with recent rumors claiming it&o’;ll come with far better camera spec than the other two devices.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – we hadn&o’;t heard of this phone until a few weeks ago, but Samsung has already debuted it with an advert during the Oscars on Sunday.
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus – it&o’;s heavily espalhado boatos a new pair of Samsung&o’;a Apple AirPods competitors will be debuting at the show too.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 – we&o’;vê yet to feel much about it, but it may be we see a renovada Galaxy wearable at this year&o’;s big launch event.
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – it&o’;s unlikely we&o’;ll hear about another foldable phone alongside the Z Flip, but Samsung may surprise us come the launch event.

Samsung Galaxy S20 lançamento do live blog: we’re live at Unpacked 2020
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