Quantic Dream thinks of to experiment with formats that are more brief in future projects

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    But admit that there is to plan very well how to do this in order to avoid risks.

    The studio Quantic Dream you want to experience with games smaller. The team has been working on changing its strategy and the first step has been betting on launches cross-platform, with the recent arrival of many of their games for PlayStation in PC to stop working in exclulsiva for Sony. The study is known for juices like Beyond: Two Souls or recent Detroit: Become Human.

    David Cage head of the study, explained in an recent interview on the future options for the company and to experiment with more titles brief that will help them to find new narrative forms and innovative ideas.

    When asked about what way is going to do the study, Cage explains that “we will consider any type of format in the future, while makes sense from a creative standpoint and for our players.”

    I would very much like to work in experiences more short to experiment with new ideas, but what is certain is that we’ll have to see if there is a market for that kind of experience,” said Cage.

    Many titles have experienced to experiment with formats, shorter, so that is something to look after, but we’ll have to find an experience that suits you perfectly before experimenting with formats more short.”

    Quantic Dream thinks of to experiment with formats that are more brief in future projects
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    September 14, 2019

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