Real Steel Champions comes to Android to make us enjoy fighting between robots

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    Fighting in which two robots are bundled to clean mamporrazo to prove which is the most powerful. Champions Real Steel is a fighting game that all lovers are waiting robots with stunning 3D graphics that will draw maximum power to your mobile, special attacks and even fatalities to end our rival.

    In this game we will have our own machine fabricating for combat and share with her in different tournaments to level up, amount to more demanding leagues and earn money to ‘ll improving Kit by buying new pieces and enhancing their movements


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    The combat system is fairly straightforward, and both appear onscreen us the directional pad and specific buttons for smooth attacks, strong attacks and blockades. When we get foist our opponents a series of mamporros We fourth attack button will serve to punish him with a special combo with several hits will appear.

    In the configuration screen our robot, which is that to which’ll accessing between battles, we everything necessary to improve our fighter adding more pieces, painting our gusto0, improving its features and even starting to build a new one from zero.

    The game offers us a total of 20 fights in the tournament mode, divided into four leagues and a special combat at the end of each. We may also beat us in 30 challenges and 96 fighting against time with which we can earn money that will come to us pearls to enhance our machine and move forward in tournaments.

    In this game you can not put more drawbacks that the time they can take as long loading screens depending on the device you use to play. Otherwise, it is an excellent title fights in which we find very good graphics in three dimensions and a very simple combat mechanics.

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    Real Steel Champions comes to Android to make us enjoy fighting between robots
    March 21, 2015

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