Realme will remove the ads from your mobile in ColorOS 6 and higher

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  • Realme will remove the ads from your mobile in ColorOS 6 and higher

    With the arrival of Realme to Europe we are witnessing an authentic duel of the titans in the mid-range of mobile since china is facing manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei or Honor with a catalog of moderate devices that offers high-quality and very low price. Now well: as makes Xiaomi with MIUI, also Realme offers ads on its layer custom ColorOS. There are ads too annoying neither appear in all countries, but do not cease to be a added that do not like to around the world.

    The personalized recommendations of the Realme appear in the notifications bar of your smartphone, also some of their applications. Are not available in all countries as it is mainly focused in India, but will surely come to Spain because of the popularity that you are purchasing the brand (and that keeps prices very aggressive, has to make up). But yeah, these personalized recommendations may disconnect.

    Ads that can be disabled

    Remove Ads Realme

    Given the quality/price ratio that have smartphones Realme, the brand monetize their layer system by providing personalized recommendations to some of its users. It is something similar to what makes Xiaomi with MIUI: thanks to the advertisements, it gets a certain economic return that it is in the cost of devices. They are not too annoying and not jump to full screen, only in the notifications area of the phone and some applications of their own ColorOS.

    Realme has confirmed the future deactivation of the personalized recommendations in a thread in your forum in India. With the entry of 2020, the option will reach all smartphones that have ColorOS 6, those that update to ColorOS 7 with Android 10. And to remove the ads you just have to do the following:

    • Access to the settings of the phone.
    • Enter additional Settings.
    • Go to Get recommendations and to turn off the option to receive recommendations of content and apps.

    Realme follows in the footsteps of Xiaomi since his compatriot also implemented the disabling of the ads in your layer custom MIUI. A very good news for those who purchase one of their smartphones.

    Via | XDA Developers

    The news Realme will remove the ads from your mobile in ColorOS 6 and higher was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Linares .

    Xataka Android

    Realme will remove the ads from your mobile in ColorOS 6 and higher
    December 30, 2019

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