Reasonable similarities between Star Wars and real life according to NASA

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    reasonable similarities between Star Wars and real life according to NASA

    D-Day has arrived.

    Of course, NASA is filled with fans of Star Wars. It is common to see constant references to the saga on his part, and astronauts or employees who use their everyday context to attach your passion. Partly because also keeps the universe similarities with the world Star Wars . Some of them, identified by NASA itself.

    The sunsets Luke Skywalker

     Kepler-16b. Image: NASA.

    Kepler-16b. . Image: NASA

    For any amateur astronomer, Star Wars and has a self-interest regardless of the plot and effects. The imagination has a limit, and some of the fictional Star Wars planets have their origin in some very similar real.

    For example, Kepler already found a world orbiting two suns, like Tatooine: Kepler-16b

    Robonaut 2 ↔ R2D2

    Robonaut 2 is one of many robots NASA was sent to the International Space Station in 2011 to médico urgency. But name and aesthetics, it could be a relative of R2D2. By the way his helmet it is also related to Boba Fett.

    The moon-shaped Death Star


    The NASA noted that one of Saturn’s moons, Mimas has a huge crater about 130 kilometers wide, which gives a resemblance to the Death Star undeniable Imperial battle station.

    International Space Station ↔ starfighter TIE


    In 2007, the shuttle Atlantis left the International Space Station (ISS). The photograph captured the astronaut Kjell Lindgren, known fan of Star Wars, left the ISS in a very similar to a standard TIE perspective. And in fact, NASA uses TIE engines ( Twin Ion Engines ) in ships like Dawn, which is orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres. They are ion engines, and Dawn has three of them.


    Reasonable similarities between Star Wars and real life according to NASA
    December 17, 2015

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