Recreate the scenes shown at Cinemacon 2019 of the movie of Sonic

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    Some viewers were able to see a preview of the film, which combines digital effects and real image.

    The film of Sonic is creating a lot of excitement from that filtered its appearance, although not all reactions are positive, and seems to be away quite a bit of the argument seen in video games, according to filtration of the last month.

    even Though we don’t yet have an official trailer, a reduced public has been able to see a preview that has been recreated by IGN with a few small animations. According to the description, the film begins with Sonic running down a road with Gangsta’s Paradise Coolio background. It is presented as a type of alien -something that had already been leaked – which comes to the Earth to save the planet from a spacecraft.

    Sonic and Robotnik -played by Jim Carrey – would have some of the dialogues funny. The villain is dressed in black, with a long coat and they look like a mad scientist. In the past it was said that a large part of the sequences of Robotnik he was talking about his intelligence, and the futility of those around him.

    premiere in November

    The movie of Sonic will combine real image with characters digital. It is starring James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, Frank C Turner, and Jim Carrey, who will act as Doctor Eggman, while Ben Schwartz will give voice to Sonic. The film is scheduled to premiere November 8, 2019.

    Recreate the scenes shown at Cinemacon 2019 of the film of Sonic

    Recreate the scenes shown at Cinemacon 2019 of the movie of Sonic
    April 8, 2019

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