Recurrence, a simple way to set notifications for tasks not forget

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    There are plenty of ways to organize work with Android. From complex clients as Todoist a simple and accessible tools like los Google reminders. Is there room for one more application that allows us to control what we do every day? Surely everyone likes and for those seeking a simple but effective app, you should keep an eye on Recurrence .

    Created by Jonas Bleyl, Recurrence is an application that allows us to manage reminders on your mobile phone through the notification center that brings Android. That is, instead of directly accessing the app, us will notice that when we indicate , with the message that we please. For recurrent warnings (hence its name) is a tool most useful


    Notifications as notices, perfect to organize

    When we opened Recurrence we can configure the alerts you want to receive. We have many options to choose from: message, caption, icon, color, time that we want to advise and add repetitions, if necessary. Here a range of possibilities for those tasks (personal or professional) you to do throughout the day is opened.

    The tool is very useful if the managers of conventional tasks we are too big. Recurrence is perfect for all those little things where we need a regular reminder and not as a tool to enable us to check when we complete. In its simplicity is its main virtue but also some other defect.

    application can not be used on multiple devices at the same time so if you have several Android is not possible synchronize messages except that programes duplicate. Nor it has client computer so it is not possible to manage them from a PC. If you take less these two functions, you may care more reminders Google Now through or Keep. If it is not important to you, Recurrence is a most useful tool.

    News Recurrence, a simple way to set notifications for tasks not forget was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

    Engadget Android

    Recurrence, a simple way to set notifications for tasks not forget
    December 28, 2015

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