Red Dead Online: The exclusive content for PS4 is available now on Xbox One

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    All players can enjoy because of the Tomahawk, ancient, along with emotes and more content; the update is already available.

    The exclusive content of Red Dead Online PS4 already is available for users of Xbox One. Now all players can access the modes Clash Last man Standing and Everything Counts: Tomahawk old, which was part of the early access for PS4.

    Besides being able to wield the dangerous Tomahawk old, the andalusian horse, pearly, clothes and emotes are also now available for all players.

    below are the content that can now enjoy all the players.

    Showdown All account: Tomahawk old

    The brutal tomahawk old comes to the Xbox One along with action-filled tension mode Clash Everything counts: Tomahawk old. While it was previously part of the content of early access for the PlayStation 4, now all the players can be done with the tomahawk, ancient in any of the five locations (Saint Denis, Rhodes ranch, Emerald, Van Horn, or Thieves Landing), and play games of Everything counts: Tomahawk old in the series of elimination. The Way Last man standing is also available already on Xbox One.

    Among the contents previously in early access are already available for the players of Xbox One are also the andalusian horse, pearly, mount Belanger, the jacket Finley, the spurs studded Stenger or the hat Caldwell. In addition, they can access the emotes Brag and Hey you!

    New clothes

    players can enjoy two new garments, which are already available in the tailor shops of the five states:

    • Beret current: with its discreet design, this sophisticated beret will help to provide a bit of modesty to any wardrobe.
    • Sobrecamisa Horsfall: with their elaborate buttons and the contrast of its cuffs, this sobrecamisa is a simple addition to the wardrobe of a gentleman modern self-respecting. Durability guaranteed.

    The catalogue of Wheeler, Rawson & Co. also renews its catalogue with the following items:

    • Zahones Griffith: a warm garment of fur of bison and tough leather with stitching, rough and buttoned pockets. An option just as practical as eye-catching.
    • Jacket charra: this magnificent jacket charra of deerskin fully lined incorporating a brocade, hand-sewn buttons and brass on the chest and cuffs.
    • Coat Clymene: this coat, made with several layers of soft top grain leather, sports a stunning design in two-tone and features stylish buttons of brass.
    • Spurs cowboy baroque: spurs leather engraved and embossed by hand with ornate roulettes with eight points. A stunning design for any cowboy.


    in Addition, players will receive this week EXP letters skill equipped (both the Dead Eye as the passive) 20% faster.

    on the other hand, if we have a high level, the stables will offer special mount (which cause the nuclei to empty more slowly, or to regenerate more quickly) with a 25% discount this week, and all the horses that are unlocked to level 41 or higher, will be available at level 40. In addition, all the hats that are desbloqueaban starting at level 30, now it is unlocked at level 10.

    bug fixes

    on the other hand, thanks to the comments of the players, since Rockstar have implemented the possibility of restoring the appearance of the characters without losing progress, automatically preserve the preferences of playing style (defensive/offensive) to enter or exit the Free Mode, and so much more.

    Red Dead Online: The exclusive content for PS4 already available on Xbox One

    Red Dead Online: The exclusive content for PS4 already available on Xbox One

    Red Dead Online: The exclusive content for PS4 already available on Xbox One

    Red Dead Online: The exclusive content for PS4 is available now on Xbox One
    June 26, 2019

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