Redmi Xiaomi also will focus on phones that are more powerful and of higher prices

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    Redmi Xiaomi also will focus on phones that are more powerful and of higher prices

    Has been born today but had already spent time among us. It is the paradox that occurred when Xiaomi has actually made the leaks that spoke of the independence of one of its ranges. The line Redmi, in the house almost from the first day, now he will fly alone and will be one of the four brands of chinese manufacturer next to Black Shark and Little.

    The Redmi Note 7 has been the first bet but will be more and more, and as confirmed by the CEO of the constructor of asia, will also be more expensive. Not because the manufacturer is going to raise prices now that the line has become independent, but because it will opt for models of more power. Finally, Redmi yes that will compete with Xiaomi in the ranges of price higher brand.

    2,500 yuan, about 320 euros

    Lei jun

    the announcement of The Redmi Note 7 has been doubly important. Mainly, by being the first of the line Redmi once it has become independent of the main brand. Second, because it has meant the arrival of the first phone with sensor 48 megapixel camera to the catalog constructor’s chinese, although it has not been to their main line. This Redmi Note 7 maybe we are drawing the future Xiaomi Mi A3, but it still lack some time.

    The presentation was given to more information, not only for the arrival of this Note 7 or the portable printer presented just below. He has also served for Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, give any brushstroke on the future of this new/old line Redmi, now branded of right.

    According to Jun, there will be high ranges inside of the line Redmi, which until now was flying in the shadow of the older siblings of the line My the manufacturer. Account Lei Jun that the line is now focused on the creation of a phone’s retail price of about 2,500 yuan, a price that we can translate by about 320 euros at current exchange.

    320 euros mark a price very similar to that of the arrival of the latest Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro to the chinese market, after they crossed the 400 euros when you set foot in Europe. Also a similar price to that of the Little F1 online india, and even Black Shark in the section of ‘gaming’. So, Redmi shall also have the flagships of right.

    responsible for this brand new Redmi will be Lu Weibing, who was CEO of the group in Jinli prior to joining Xiaomi, and that from now collated its position as a leader of the brand Redmi with the vice-president of the own Xiaomi. So important is the creation of this line of Redmi which yes, you have phones of the first line.

    For now there is no approximate date for the arrival of the Redmi high-end, but the chinese new year is just around the corner, and in him we may know the Note 7 Pro, the brother of the Redmi Note 7 with a better processor and camera Sony. Maybe then we might know something more about this future Redmi top of the range and, above all, to know your name and possible specifications. How it will compete directly against the My 9 or will focus on the dispute since the future Little F2?

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    The news Redmi Xiaomi also will focus on phones that are more powerful and of higher price was originally published in Xataka Android by Samuel Fernandez .

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    Redmi Xiaomi also will focus on phones that are more powerful and of higher prices
    January 10, 2019

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