Remedy always knew that Max Payne 2 would be their last game of the saga

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    It was part of the agreement that was signed with Take-Two.

    Sam Lake, of Remedy Entertainment, has revealed Max Payne 2 was planned always to be the last game of the saga created by themselves.

    And is that Lake has now spoken on how was the agreement of edition of the title that gave rise to this saga of action, and that any option of return of the series, in any case, is in the hands of Take-Two.

    As explained Lake, when they signed the agreement with the editor after you create the first Max Payne is already agreed that it would be Take-Two who would retain the rights on the intellectual property and that Remedy Entertainment would create a continuation, Max Payne 2. And nothing more.

    The parties had signed since the first time that the studio would a continuation and then it was terminating the agreement between publisher and developer in connection with this saga. So, when Max Payne 3 arrived in 2012, he did so out of the hand of Rockstar.

    “After the launch of the first game, the rights on the intellectual property were sold to Take-Two and Rockstar, and as part of the agreement was set that we would be doing next,” explains Lake.

    “it Was a good situation. We feel a lot of passion for Max Payne. It was wonderful to create the game, and take some ideas from the first game to create the next was very funny. But at the same time, that was all, and we did so knowing that there ended Max Payne to us.”

    Despite this, in 2016, since the study considered that still you could make a good game the saga of returning to have the opportunity to retrieve the character.

    Remedy always knew that Max Payne 2 would be their last game of the saga
    November 10, 2018

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