Return Digital wants to develop the game ‘Stranger Things’ from Netflix

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    And would have workers from Telltale Games.

    After the offer your support to Rockstar to make the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 – the “new game of cowboys” -, Return on Digital has become at the controls of Twitter.

    This time, has been to get in contact with Netflix to be responsible for the development of adaptation to video game Stranger Things, title the giant of streaming has been canceled after the announcement of the imminent closure of Telltale Games. Game of that in the last hours leaked videos, that let us see how it was going to be.

    “Hello @Netflix, we would be very happy to take charge of the game of Stranger Things with the studio @_NoCode”, write Return in the tweet.

    No Code are the creators of the Stories Untold, a thriller narrative that was released on PC last year and it is inspired in, precisely, the series of Netflix’s Stranger Things.


    Want that the employees of Telltale form part of the project

    The publishing house has also pointed out that les “would love” to the companions of Telltale Games join the project and “continue his vision” of what they had planned.

    Of time, we will have to wait for Netflix to get in contact with Return. The latest declarations of the platform were the following: “We are in the process of evaluating other options to bring the universe Stranger Things to the interactive medium”.

    Return Digital wants to develop the game 'Stranger Things' Netflix

    Return Digital wants to develop the game ‘Stranger Things’ from Netflix
    September 27, 2018

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