Reven finally arrive in 2017

Developers are focusing on Reven. XBridge
Reven is delayed until 2017, as confirmed by those responsible for this game, which managed financed Kickstarter in 2014. the reason for the delay is that mainly responsible gaming efforts have focused too XBridge , a project within the same universe of this title that began in 2015.
Reven: XBridge is a prequel to the game intended to launch on PC that was very successful among users of Steam, so the project managers decided to give priority. If the main game, Reven , Metroid commitment philosophy action and exploration, Reven: XBridge is a matamarcianos

According to explained, “the project Reven it is located on a date without specifying 2017. I am fully responsible having started the XBridge side project and drag John to it, which has required a lot of time and energy , although certainly has been worth the skills we have won, “he said Austin Morgan, head of the game. Morgan also noted that sales of XBridge on Steam will involve “economic potential” to consider once it is finished.
Reven: XBridge is available on Steam early access since late 2015 in Windows version.

Reven , meanwhile, is scheduled for computers, Wii U and Ouya, so we hope this latest version is converted to Android devices in general.
Under these lines you can see some pictures of matamarcianos Reven: XBridge
 Reven finally arrive in 2017
 Reven finally come in 2017
Reven finally come in 2017
Reven finally come in 2017


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Reven finally arrive in 2017
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