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    Review of the interesting story behind the origin of Gorilla Glass

    Inside the mobile revolution we have experienced in recent years, there are actors who have gained special relevance, because if anything is clear, is that technology They have to take many factors to achieve an excellent product. And the inclusion of a durable material is one of aspects that make the difference between durability and excellent screen quality, and other poorer. Gorilla Glass, Corning, is the industry leader in glass , and accompanying our terminals is a seal of unquestionable quality. Today we review the interesting history of this company.

    We’ll talk about a company founded in 1851 with the name of Corning Glass Works by Amory Houghton in Massachusetts, but later moved to Brooklyn, and finally to Corning, city with which it shares its name. There has been maintained since taking office on founder’s son, and there continue by connection the company has with the social environment.

    In 1952, Don Stookey A chemist working in Corning made the discovery of his life , accidentally and unknowingly at the time. He puts a photosensitive unit 600 degrees crital and accidentally, the machine adjusted to 900 degrees. When he took the sample, expecting a disaster, he discovered that he had transformed into something unexpected. It fell and discovered that instead of breaking down, bounced. It is marketed in different sectors, and in 1962 after a process of investigation and processing, were added some material that did very flexible, but as we shall see, did not reach the expected success .

    Gorilla Glass

    In 2000 we began to see needed a material that would protect perfectly displays the new smartphones, to the time he wanted to get a substantially reduced thickness would increase weight not terminal, kept reflections on the full panel reduced and was extremely conductive on the capacitive layer. And there were other proposals on the table, but none as developed as Gorilla Glass, or any supported such a long-lived company in which the treaty crystal and glass is concerned.

    The passage of time ChemCor buried in oblivion, but the need brought him back as Gorilla Glass as Huawei terminals P8

    Thus came the film market transparent result of the combination of alkali-aluminosilicate, made from the above materials treated as ChemCor whose development dating from 1962. Never had found a market for that material because it was not necessary Nowhere yet. Thus proving that you never know what might come out of an investigation with 50 years of history, and above all, she, history, matter, to make history , through whom we know smartphones premium as they are.

    After 4 years of intense research, arrived Gorilla Glass 2 , natural iteration of Gorilla Glass, which in 2012 was already used in more than one billion smartphones. Beyond being a simple number, it improved exponentially, because from Corning achieved that the component was 20% thinner while maintaining its resistance. Ultimately, this is what occurred that Huawei could do as the terminals P8 , extremely thin and highly choice of materials . In the demonstration tests, Corning 55 kg of pressure applied on the glass , and failed to break. Since then, Gorilla Glass was further popularized and became absolute benchmark in the market. They also make the material protects the camera our smartphones.

    Gorilla Glass

    Not only that, improvements and iterations also began to get faster. So, at CES in Las Vegas in 2013, debuted Corning Gorilla Glass 3 , where its scientists worked primarily in the atomic structure of the crystal. This screen response to shocks or scratches was improved, which affected the durability, maintaining this thinness time. They also got a 40% reduction scratches visibility, a crucial aspect when we expose the screen in both bright light. With devices increasingly exposed by increased use Safety First

    At the end of last year showed Gorilla Glass 4 , will be present at many terminals between this year and next. Against scratches and minor knocks, Corning tried that in this version were eliminated forever the fear of falling from a distance, that are the major causes of technical services to overflowing. Gorilla Glass 4, according to information provided by Corning has duplicate resistance drops a meter, which they account for 80% of cases. According videos and evidence we have seen on the Internet, I think the estimate is not far from reality.

    Gorilla Glass 4 and represents a close the circle . After getting to a durable glass, thin it maintaining that propuedad and better withstand blows, now Corning gets reduce breakage, before the above mentioned, is the main concern of users.

    What’s next? It is difficult to answer, but all wish that in a few years reign sapphire, a material Corning itself could promote. We would have even more resistant to scratches, no longer would be even noticeable smartphones.

    The story of Corning is the story of how any progress is good for soon to arrive as if quality, will in discarding the future .. marketing ideas to be a key player in the materials smartphones .


    Reviewing the interesting story behind the origin of Gorilla Glass – presentedHuaweiES
    July 28, 2015

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