Rick and Morty announced Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality

Virtual reality leads to the animated series ‘Rick & Morty’.
Rick and Morty Simulator: virtual Rick-ality , videogame based in the animated series Rick and Morty for virtual reality, is being developed by Owlchemy Labs responsible gaming Job Simulator .
The title is being created HTC Vive thinking and we will Rick’s garage, which is full of all kinds of stuff with which to interact with drawn from the series of chemical kits, etc.
elements the game will be shown on the Comic- with San Diego from 21 to 24 July, but for now we offer a preview video. They have also explained that, as in the series- we can jump through portals in the series allow players to move from one universe to another.
Developers have explained to Polygon Justin Roiland, one creators of the series, is a virtual reality enthusiast and enjoyed with Job Simulator , which has enabled this collaboration.
Can you see a sneak preview, centered in the garage Rick then:

Announced Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality

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Rick and Morty announced Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality
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