Rodolfo Sancho: “You can do very great films about the history of Spain”

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    • Rodolfo Sancho again become King Ferdinand in ‘Heading crown’, a film that tell it that there was no time to look at ‘Isabel ‘.
    • the film opens on Friday February 19 in 200 rooms.
    • Sancho has also premiered the second season of’ the ministry of time ‘.

    Irene Escolar and Rodolfo Sancho

    Actor Rodolfo Sancho not expect, at 41, drag a legion of fans who declare their love nothing less than to be king Ferdinand and without But that has enabled it to ensure that the history of Spain has enormous characters that give to “very great films.”

    “Maybe we can not do in this country the lord of the rings but we do have a lot of history to tell and you can expect a lot of quality, “says the actor in an interview to promote The crown heading , a drama of passion and political intrigue to complete episode” little known “ in the series of Diagonal TV and RTVE Elizabeth .

    “When finished Elizabeth had the feeling, and I guess Irene (School) what would happen -apunta same actor looking at his co-star, his “daughter” Juana La local, we had not finished counting our characters. “

    Directed by Jordi Frades, the same responsible for episodes television, and written by José Luis Martin, the film will Friday 19 February 200 cinemas throughout Spain. “You can make very great movies taking advantage of the history of Spain, I think that would be an asset to our film,” says the actor, adding with a gesture of complicity, if not, “then comes Charlton Heston and makes you a movie El Cid”.

    The joke is a nod to the first episode of the second season of time ministry , which aired just yesterday and revolved around the figure of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar. “O Come Sigourney Weaver, who played Queen Elizabeth, and reaches America in a rowboat He laughs Sancho, causing general laughter. better we do, we know we better , we respect more and our history. “

    the role of Juana La Loca

    the best example, the interpretation Poncela ago Cardinal Cisneros, one of those characters “that is appreciated: is strong and intelligent, with retranca ;. was a man of action, very interesting, and a reference not only the Spanish Renaissance Europe but there are no men like him, “sums

    and School, recent winner of the Goya like actress revelation. up a Juana La Loca worthy of another “big head” , although she quickly denied. “that will not happen’m very happy, beautiful recognition is there for me, and I no longer one can take away, but no. “

    He says that the work was” very difficult “because the film was shot” in a few days “, but fortunately with the same artistic team and technical of the series.

    the film, which the director insists that “is not a long chapter” series has the intrigues around the heir to the crown of Castile to the death of his mother, queen Elizabeth, and how Ferdinand and the husband of his daughter Juana, Philip the Handsome, fighting fiercely to delegitimize Juana.

    School reveals that, in the film, “there are areas more visceral and darker” than in the series. “Knowing what happened, we’ll never know, but the writers have documented very well and are very loyal to the true history, I think that could be very real (which is told in the film), “says the actress, pointing to what Frades is a true story” 90 percent. “

    “it is a story based on the confrontation of a woman with her husband , forgotten by his father, trampled, manipulated by everyone,” says Frades, which defines his film as “classical” in both its staging, and its format and “worth watching on the big screen,” he says.

    Both the costumes, by Pepe Reyes, as the scenarios, they had to be remade again , since the series has followed in use in the sequel Carlos, King emperor

    it is also the same cast of the series: Fernando Guillen Cuervo (Fuensalida), Jacobo Dicenta (Belmonte) Ursula Corberó (Margaret of Austria), Ramon Madaula (Chacon), Ainhoa ​​Santamaría (Beatriz de Bobadilla) and Jordi Díaz (Cabrera), and José Coronado, as Maximilian.


    Rodolfo Sancho: “You can do very great films about the history of Spain”
    February 16, 2016

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