‘Rome’, Alfonso Cuaron, and Netflix break records and make history at the Oscars

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  • 'Rome', Alfonso Cuaron, and Netflix break records and make history at the Oscars

    there Were many of us who expect it, but not with such bluntness: ‘Roma’ not only has wiped out —and deservedly so— in the nominations for the next ceremony of delivery of Oscar nominations to be held on February 24, but has made history with its ten nominations, breaking records and placing the cinema of Spanish-speaking latinos in the limelight.

    All of this would not have been possible without the vocation of pluriempleado of an Alfonso Cuaron to give form to that which, without doubt, is his most personal work signed to date, not only has occupied the director’s seat; it also has to be the writer, producer and director of photography —there is nothing. The results of such a feat, as they say, speak for themselves.

    records Cuaron pluriempleado

    we Can begin to discuss the milestones that have marked ‘Rome’ in the nominations for the Oscars, referring, precisely, to the condition director of photography —DOP— Cuaron, whose work, all told, is as impeccable as the gray scale in presenting the film. To date, the Academy never nominated a director who has served as his own DOP. First, both for the mexican.

    But this is not all, because the already academy award-winner for his work on ‘Gravity’, happens to become the filmmaker who has managed to accumulate more nominations to a single movie in the same year —five, to be exact: best cinematography, best direction, best original screenplay, best film and best film non-English-speaking—.

    in Addition to Cuarón, only two people have managed to make with so many nominations in a single year —with some trap, still the record for Walt Disney, which amassed six nominations in 1954 with six films in competition; something that only he could get closer Francis Ford Coppola, that, in 1972, received three by ‘The godfather: Part II’ and two for ‘The conversation’.

    The big year Netflix

    But, regardless of the feats of personal Alfonso Cuarón, if ‘Rome’ has marked a before and an after in the Awards of the american Academy is due to your condition of film distributed on a platform of streaming, becoming the first movie of Netflix out of the documentary section in achieving an Oscar nomination for best film.

    it is Worth to remember that in 2016, ‘Manchester in front of the sea’, produced by Amazon Studios, already got the same honor; although in their case, the business model of the company of Santa Monica involves a distribution that respects the display windows in traditional movie theaters, so the comparison with the case of Netflix has no place.

    As well referred to its director, answering the umpteenth question about the increasingly absurd debate that faces to the video on demand and to display traditional, ‘Rome’, a film in black-and-white and filmed in Spanish, would not have been possible with a large studio behind; requiring the risk that only this kind of businesses can afford.

    After all, a great movie is a great movie regardless of the size of the screen on which to project. A factor is circumstantial, as we have seen in the case of ‘Rome’, is not incompatible at all with apply for to sweep the big awards ceremony of the year.

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    The news ‘Rome’, Alfonso Cuarón and Netflix break records and make history at the Oscars was originally published in Espinof by Victor Lopez G. .


    ‘Rome’, Alfonso Cuaron, and Netflix break records and make history at the Oscars
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    January 22, 2019

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