‘ROME: Total War’ will come to Android after two years exclusively for iOS

'ROME: Total War' will come to Android after two years exclusively for iOS

Without haste but without pause,

the ecosystem of mobile gaming has been filled with great titles from major production companies. We are not only speaking of ports of other titles, but also of new developments adapted to the gameplay in mobile phones, and which have contributed to raise the level of requirement for all to the point that has already been born, from a few months ago, the niche of ‘mobile gaming’.

The turn is now for Feral Interactive, the makers of that on iOS to enjoy since a couple of years of ROME: Total War, one of the strategy titles more recognizable of the ecosystem of the PC, and now will bring finally the game to Android. Specifically, Total War will hit both the Google Play Store as Galaxy Apps, Samsung.

Europe, in the territories for the first launch

According to commented the own developer in the mouth of David Stephen, Director General, the game will finally arrive to the ecosystem android. “We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from the success of the game in mobile and what we have used to create the best possible experience on a range of Android devices”.

This may mean that, like other titles in weight, the game may not work in all phones on the market, and enters little by little with the passage of time. Although the handicap will be, probably in the processor for each port. By the arrival to Samsung, we assume that the compatibility with the main Exynos will be at least guaranteed.”

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ROME: Total War will land in North America, Europe, Australia and also in some asian countries, although the company has warned that we will specify later the countries included in the deployment. A procedure which, probably, seek to avoid the saturation of the servers, and go on testing of performance up to the mass deployment.

Remember that ROME: Total War cost, in these moments, 9,99 euros on iOS, both the iPad and iPhone. We will see what price to set for the leap to Android, although there will be the possibility to bring it to Android with the system free-to-play, which has proliferated in recent years. We will see if it is so, and it does not become a pay-to-win, as at other times.

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‘ROME: Total War’ will come to Android after two years exclusively for iOS
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November 8, 2018