Roomize, social network to share hotel rooms

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    If you are a parallel hospitality and travel enthusiast who spends a fortune on hotel rooms, the issue is a bit ironic for someone who has own hotel rooms. And this situation is the one that solves Roomize , a social network for exchanging proposed hotel rooms available in two hotels for both hoteliers have room free wherever they travel.

    In Roomize hoteliers and owners of hostels, hotels, etc.. can register for free and also have to register the hotel that direct profile for others to reference. From this record another hotel may enter the site and register in the same way, and so, in case you’re interested in staying in one room of the offered, you can contact the landlord who has posted the offer and confirm the free exchange.

    Giusy Palazzolo, co-founder of Roomize, account

    “The idea was born in 2013 when I myself, owner of a hotel, I had the desire to share rooms with other fellow workers around the world. Analyzing the market and competitors, we discovered that this concept of exchanging hotels did not exist and so Roomize born in January 2013 “.

    Today we find more than 1,000 hotel owners registered on the platform and in contact with each other, thus optimizing the cost of their stays in holiday elsewhere through this concept of exchange.

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    Roomize, social network to share hotel rooms
    August 20, 2013

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