RouteXL, the best routes in Google Maps

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    At this point is a good percentage of Internet users who use Google Maps to navigate the streets and organize their routes, either by public transport, on foot or by road.

    And why are so many extra tools that use Google Maps technology to offer additional services, such as RouteXL . This particular service is designed particularly for the best routes calcularnos considering that we make several stops along the way.

    So in RouteXL have to indicate the various exact points that we want to visit and the tool we calculate the best route to visit all indicating the specific order in which to visit each drawn according broken. They can be provided up to 20 different directions to calculate the best route and indicate what we want our point of origin and departure. The calculated route can be printed or shared by us with our contacts.

    RouteXL In this case is not only useful to calculate travel routes, but for planning journeys within the same city as perform everyday cases tasks or go visit different people in a region.

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    RouteXL, the best routes in Google Maps
    February 24, 2013

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