Rumor: Ubisoft would have two new games at E3 2019

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    The company teach in the show Orpheus and Pioneer, two new titles of adventure and exploration as well as cooperative action.

    Ubisoft has in mind to surprise all and sundry with its conference of E3 2019. While the French company is filtered and escapes everything ahead of time, as we’ve already seen with the recent Watch Dogs Legion, the truth is that you still have surprises. Or well, he had. The last filtration seems to point to two new video games from genres disparate are designed to become two new sagas.

    So are Pioneer and Orpheus, the two possible surprises of Ubisoft

    The first video game to present for Ubisoft would be Pioneer, the problem of the title of science fiction that never came to fruition. This game, which was of exploration and action to level space, there was a development easy, and for months they have been turning to the concept and the approach to have something drinkable. According to Kotaku, that which was spoken a few months ago has finished confirming. The new Pioneer would be a multiplayer shooting game that asimilaría part of the resources of the original concept. These same inside sources claim that the game will use the engine Anvil, of Rainbow Six Siege, and that in one way or another, could be linked to that license.

    A title of multiplayer action with the engine, Rainbow Six Siege, and a game in the style of Zelda

    The other game is Orpheus. The title seems to be in a state greener and more embryonic than Orpheus, and according to you would be filtering, it would be very similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in approach, structure and ambition. Ubisoft would be keen to have a game of action and adventure of these features. It is unknown if it will have much of a presence at E3, but the French company would have intended to make it known as soon as possible and thus to diversify its catalogue, values and assets as a developer of video games.

    Rumor: Ubisoft would have two new games at E3 2019

    Rumor: Ubisoft would have two new games at E3 2019
    June 6, 2019

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