S Health 5.0 is still committed to the social functions

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    Any technology company that is application worth its salt needs Health and Fitness, and Samsung is not going to be less. Where appropriate, this application takes the name of S Health and comes pre-installed on a number of its terminals. Try to be a centralized place to manage all your exercise needs, but the fact is that the compatibility with gadgets beyond their own brand is quite low.

    In a world where fitness applications are so abundant, Samsung has opted to differentiate themselves through social functions, as we saw in the previous actualización 4.8 and history merely repeated the last major change: update 5.0 , where almost all the prominence of changes again leads the social component

    Exercise more connected

    The S Health 5.0 interface receives a slight facelift , separating into three tabs: me, Together and Discover. As we saw earlier, is the Together tab which is dedicated solely to exercise with the help of your friends.

    Social components include challenges to your friends , ranking of objectives and activities. For example, you can challenge a friend to see who is able to walk more steps. The idea is to find motivation among friends and, all told, also some pressure that can give you that extra boost to continue your exercise program.

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    Other interesting but added that for now only available in Korea is the ask experts that serves exactly this, to ask the experts. Here are questions and answers from experts in health and sports. It is planned that the service to more countries to expand in the near future.

    Finally, the Discover is full of articles and information about health, sport and exercise. From tricks to lead a healthier lifestyle to recipes, articles health and nutrition.

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    S Health 5.0 is still committed to the social functions
    August 23, 2016

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