S4 Galaxy, Galaxy Note 3 and other Samsung smartphones come with Visa payWave

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    Samsung and Visa have signed a global agreement NFC through which the Korean firm agrees to include an application called payWave for payment via NFC in its future smartphones, including the Galaxy S4 stand and Galaxy Note 3.

     Samsung Visa payWave

    While it was not to be presented at MWC that has just begun, has undoubtedly been the news of the day. A few hours ago, Samsung officially confirmed that S4 Galaxy on March 14 in the city of New York. We knew we would have a functionality to take photos 360 call and had some , and now we have learned that incorporate a new feature.

    Samsung and Visa have signed an agreement whereby the S4 Galaxy, the Galaxy Note 3 and other future devices firm, incorporated Visa payWave NFC mobile payment application of the famous credit card.

    In the MWC, Visa announced its partnership with Samsung, saying that the application will payWave installed in the “next generation” of smartphones Samsung, and while no details on any particular device, it stands to reason that the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 3 are two of the elect.

    If While Visa said the application will be installed in future devices with NFC Samsung has not yet confirmed whether payWave application will work on existing phones that support the technology.

    The future owners of Samsung devices payWave can only use their cards and while the application can be used with other credit cards, Visa will support only their own cards but is expected to join in the future others.

    The agreement also gives banks the ability to upload payment account information wirelessly to a security chip embedded in Samsung devices (thanks to Mobile Provisioning Service.

    How about this agreement and do you think this technology can become popular this year with this type of agreement?


    S4 Galaxy, Galaxy Note 3 and other Samsung smartphones come with Visa payWave
    Source: www.xatacandroid.com  
    February 25, 2013

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