Sailor Moon is given to the puzzles on Android

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  • Sailor Moon Home

    Namco Bandai continues to expand its catalog of franchises by Android in Europe, and after the location RPG Tales of Link , now it is the turn of one of the most popular series of the 90s manganime, Sailor Moon (or Princess Luna).

    The title, which already can be downloaded from Google Play, called SailorMoon Drops and is another of many sets of puzzle free-to-play with micro where you have to sort colored gems so that they are disappearing.

    How is played SailorMonon Drops

    The mechanics are the same as always, join three or more tiles to fill bar score in a number of certain shifts. Another classic is the special gems that are earned by performing certain joints, such as putting four or five in a row. Depending on the color represents a type of warrior and requires a different combination.

    Sailor Moon Ingame

    as the game progresses and the levels enrevesan, the player wins enhancers objects and character skills to compete. These are the items that can be purchased, but says the description of the title that can be finished without making any payment . At the moment I have not found it especially difficult screens and, if true, would be a point in its favor

    In Japan, it takes a while available, they have done many events with which it has been possible to achieve some objects and free enhancers. They are associated with temporary moments like holidays and seasons, we’ll see if here the same dynamic is followed.

    With voices in Japanese and English texts

    As we have seen in other similar titles based on franchises like Futurama: Games of Clones, the creators have added a simple story to SailorMoon Drops going interconnecting screens as the most popular characters are appearing. It’s a good way to use the hook that holds the license beyond the gameplay.

    The localization is partial because the texts are only translated into English and Japanese original names are preserved. That is, we are with Tsukino Usagi Tsukino and not bunny. In addition, they have retained the voices in Japanese, a detail that some will thank you for your loyalty to the series and who see it as an inconvenience.

    Sailor Moon Collectibles

    in addition to asking permission to check your calls and your agenda “for verification”, also it requires accepting the terms of service and privacy policy. It has a social touch, and you can take screenshots at any time with a button-shaped chamber, which can then be shared on Twitter, Instagram or Line. In addition, you can add other players to share screens with a daily limit.

    One more to pass the time. Its gameplay is clonic, so its appeal only lies in the characters in the title, SailorMoon Drops.

    SailorMoon Drops

    The news Sailor Moon is given to the puzzles on Android was originally published in ​​ Engadget Android by Sergio Figueroa .

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    Sailor Moon is given to the puzzles on Android
    April 15, 2016

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