Samsung Galaxy S5 will finally have 10.7GB free and several paid apps worth $ 575

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    From Galaxy S5 we have much talk , but we still keep coming interesting for we believe that it is worth talking about their impact on the Android market details. On the one hand we have the end of S5 internal storage, an issue that is closely related to the bloatware.

    the other is precisely what apps that make it so little space You are . And is that Samsung wants to take the S5 to provide a pack of apps for what normally would have to pay a large sum.

    That was a demo, the Galaxy S5 have 10.7GB free

    A few days ago we told you that the ROM Galaxy S5 8GB occupy almost , goes only eight gigs free. However a demo version that was prepared for the MWC . German-presse Telekome however have had access to the final version where they were seen only 2.33Gb preinstalled applications and videos exclusively for the show. The final version will 10.7GB free .

    With these data the Galaxy S5 still staying below the Nexus5 free 12Gb but t iven the terminal Samsung has SD card is not admissible under .

    Samsung Galaxy Gifts

    But there’s more. And is that Samsung offer packages apps free payment terminals . This is nothing but an attempt to personalize the device and partly justify the high price that will when it’s released.

    centre;”>  Galaxy-Gifts

    left;”> apps package is quite interesting and in its entirety worth $ 575 . A price that can not fully assess but somehow sure those applications we serve.

    left;”> found from a 6-month subscription to the Wall Street Journal rated at 160 $ , to $ 10 in micropayments for Cut The Rope 2, 3 months Evernote Premium worth $ 15 or 3 months in LinkedIn Premium for $ 75.

    left;”> What do you think these measures of Samsung to convince potential buyers?

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 will finally have 10.7GB free and several paid apps worth $ 575
    March 3, 2014

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