Samsung GT-I9525 could be the first trace of an Android 5.0 soon to be presented

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     Samsung GT I9525 Samsung GT I9525 could be the first trace of an Android 5.0 soon to be presented

    Among the many rumors that you hear about different models of Android phones, are also present those that point to a more current operating system. He recently appeared on the Internet could be a rumor that one of the prints more evident as an operating system Android 5.0 coming from the hand of a mobile phone Samsung GT-I9525.

    The site where this found traces of Android 5.0 is the classic Nenamark 2 , a place where there are few other data that we can provide a rough idea of ​​what would be offering the Samsung GT-I9525 once it hits the market.

    elucidated relevant and important information for Samsung GT-I9525 one

    Like all rumors proposed Internet daily, those mentioned in the Samsung GT-I9525 still maintain that characteristic because there has been no official confirmation from the manufacturer company. In the image provided by Nenamark 2 we can see that at the bottom, operating system for this mobile phone would be Android 5.0. In addition, reference is also made to a 1.8 GHz processor, elements commanded by the GPU chip ARM Mali-400 MP.

    As additional data also revealed that the resolution obtained HD screen Samsung GT-I9525 would be 1280 × 720 px, because the key number that accompanies this model, many suggest that under any circumstances it would be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which virtually increases the number of questions about this device not knowing their true purpose and target market. The main reason why this Samsung GT-I9525 is on your screen resolution, since it is expected to offer 1080p, something that will surely be confirmed in 2013 once made the official launch.

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    Source – Nenamark 2

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    Samsung GT-I9525 could be the first trace of an Android 5.0 soon to be presented
    November 30, 2012

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