Samsung is working on a sensor to measure the air quality: what will arrive for the Galaxy S9?

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there is No doubt that, with the passage of the years, smartphones are gaining in profits. From the calls and SMS were the first up to the possibility of to manage our daily life, find a location, pay or use the voice assistant of today have evolved more than we could imagine.

Even so, it is very possible that the innovation in mobile has still not peaked, and we did not talk in terms of design, but in terms of functionality. Who knows if in a few years our smartphones will be able to measure air quality, and it is something that could happen if the patent application of Samsung comes to be a reality.

Pulling a extreme optimism, there are those who might say that this capacity would come with the Galaxy S9 and, although possible, does not seem to be the most feasible. The main reason is that there are still many mysteries to resolve, although the Korean manufacturer has tried to give a plausible explanation that would allow our mobile phones to measure air quality.

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The proposal from Samsung is to include these sensors in the substrate of the screen thanks to that, as explained, would be small enough and thin as to place them in that place. The main benefit of this is that virtually no occupying space, leaving room to continue keeping designs current and without the need to make them thicker.

The main question that needs to be resolved is how to get the air back into the screen up to the sensors in charge of measuring perhaps using some glass or porous plastic?), but if they manage to give with the solution, a good part of the job will be done. If this comes to an end, we could see not only mobile, but also tablets, or watches smart able to measure the quality of the air, something very important today.

Who comes to the Galaxy S9, by very fast I want to work with Samsung, it is quite difficult to, but maybe we see him in a S10, or a Note 9 with a lot of luck. In any case, there are no guarantees that this sensor is going to see you soon in mobile, so we recommend caution when dealing with this topic.

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Samsung is working on a sensor to measure the air quality: what will arrive for the Galaxy S9?

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