Samsung prepares a convex screen smartphone for 2014

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    It is not yet clear whether curved screens are a fashion item that will once the novelty disappears, or if you really are the future of our devices, but what I do know is that Samsung seems willing to keep trying to convince us of this. We saw the Galaxy Round , very interesting device in terms of hardware, but unfortunately is considered as little more than a prototype and will not see outside South Korea.

    But according to some leaks, next year we will see more models on the market that take advantage of flexible display technology, only in another form. And is that according to the patent registered Samsung, is working on a convex smartphone , not concave like the Galaxy Round. This means the screen “would come out” around the edges, embracing the device. If it sounds is because it would be the prototype implementation Youm , introduced earlier this year.


    This form would allow, for example, could be unlock the device from the side, rather than the front as is be common . It would also block doing the gesture system otherwise. These edges can also serve as an indicator of battery such case we have the smartphone connected to the mains.


    applications in turn could use the added space for their own purposes, such as simulating a calendar page markers a real book.


    or may simply serve to navigate the application without the hassle of having your finger in front of the screen.


    Another interesting feature would be to clipboard, a place where we could spend the images or text that we use later interesase . The example is that we find an interesting image, and pass it to the side, and then paste it into a message with the same gesture. As we see, there are many possibilities, even more than those that have the use a convex screen, so Samsung may actually have found a way to take advantage of this technology.

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    Samsung prepares a convex screen smartphone for 2014
    November 15, 2013

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