Samsung sets the bar high: they want to sell 60 million Galaxy S8, according to rumors


The problems Note 7 would have forced Samsung to postpone the launch of the Galaxy S8 until April but, despite everything, in the Samsung are very confident that their next flagship will be the height and it will be sold even better than previous models, according to industry rumors.

What is certain is that the leaks seem to indicate significant improvements in the future member of the Galaxy S series, for which the company would have set the goal of distribution higher than that of the previous generations. In particular, they expect to distribute no less than 60 million Galaxy S8 throughout 2017. What will?

Samsung is optimistic, despite the launch late

The start of the year marks a new stage in the technological world, and the major brands are preparing to launch their respective smartphone star for this period. Within a little over a month we will get to know some of these proposals in the fair Mobile World Congress, but this year there will be a lot absent.

Although it is not confirmed, all indications are that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be official until April, specifically on the day 18. In fact, according to The Investor, the company would have confirmed this date to your suppliers, that has also transmitted an order to manufacture nothing less than 60 million units of its future top of the range.

Sales series Samsung Galaxy S

If we look at previous years, with the exception of the samsung Galaxy S4 launched in 2013, is a figure quite higher than that of the terminals more recent. Samsung managed to place 45 million Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, while the Galaxy S7 raised the bar to 48 million units.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will enter a phase of mass production in march and, since then, Samsung expected to manufacture five million units per month to reach your initial goal. The figures are very optimistic taking into account that the release will be made to wait longer than expected. In addition, some analysts have expressed doubts about this course objective, arguing that Samsung will have it difficult to compete in a high-end market increasingly saturated, especially with new proposals that come in from China at very competitive prices.

The rumors to outline a Samsung Galaxy S8 with significant improvements as the presence of a panel 4K designed for the virtual reality, the new intelligent assistant Bixby design and a more risky that would eliminate the classic start button on the front. Despite the difficulties, the S8 continues to be the smartphone most anticipated of the year, will reach that mark?

In Xataka Android | This will be according to Weibo, the look of the new Samsung Galaxy S8… what we what we believe?

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Samsung sets the bar high: they want to sell 60 million Galaxy S8, according to rumors
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