Samsung would be working to include your payment method on smartphones of other brands

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    Samsung Pay

    There is nothing new that there are several payment systems with mobile, some of which are not even in most of the world, but that (very) gradually extending. Today we have Android Pay (which arrived recently to Spain), Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, not to mention that would be in march, as the LG.

    One of the fastest-spreading is that of Samsung, which is coming to different countries to be able to use it in ever more stores. But it seems that the Korean manufacturer doesn’t have enough to serve Samsung Pay at their terminals, for you would be working in get to smartphones of other brands.

    As he mentioned a source close to the development of Samsung Pay, the Korean manufacturer would be in talks with other companies to include their payment method on smartphones of high range. To be certain, in the future we would see high-end mobile from HTC, LG or Google to name three examples at random) with Samsung Pay.

    Samsung would have two ways to bring Samsung Pay mobile phones of other brands: providing chips that allow use transactions MST or selling an accessory for this purpose.

    Theoretically it would be very easy to carry this method of payment to other phones. The problem would be that the Samsung smartphones incorporate special components in its mobile that allows them to mimic the transimisiones MST on those payment terminals that do not support the NFC, something that other manufacturers do not use.

    To solve this problem, Samsung would have two possible solutions. On the one hand, you could provide to other manufacturers a special chip that uses its Galaxy line and the Note, something which seems to have spoken with other companies, but still have not commented on their findings. The other solution would be to make use of an accessory to bring that functionality to devices of other brands.

    Supposedly, this last one would be the solution that may be interested in Samsung, although it is unknown how it would be. By now nothing here said is confirmed, we will have to wait, but it could be a way for users to be able to use a payment method with a mobile if you do not have available Android Pay. Why would Samsung Pay if it eventually comes to other companies instead of Android Pay?

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    In Xataka Android | Android Pay coming to Spain: how it works, banks, stores, and all the information to pay with your mobile

    The news Samsung would be working to include your payment method on smartphones of other brands was originally published in Xataka Android by Santiago Luque .

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    Samsung would be working to include your payment method on smartphones of other brands
    July 27, 2017

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