‘Scream Queens’, a landmark of mamarrachismo

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    Scream Queens

    Anyone who knows me knows that some I have a great weakness for horror films in general and in particular the slasher . Not that the latter is a sub-genre that lends itself to great innovations, but I try to be attentive to new proposals, particularly sympathetic oddities as’ Stage Fright ‘, a curious crossroads with music that I recommend giving it a try.

    So I hoped to win’ Scream Queens ‘, the new proposal for Ryan Murphy after finishing ‘Glee’ with some dignity a few months ago. I will not deny you that many felt at what seemed at once a tribute and demystification of applying slasher Murphy’s personal style, but after three episodes aired me no choice but to qualify as a landmark of mamarrachismo

    ‘Scream Queens’, humor above all

    Image of 'Scream Queens'

    ‘Scream Queens’ is many things at once, but above all a spoof taken to such extremes that no one could blame those who simply see a scene ridiculous after another. This is the first toll that must be accepted, but beware, that Murphy is honest from the first scene the decision -impagable girls bleed letting her friend not to miss a party that promises to be antológica- and in any now promises nothing different to what will give us

    Since input is set what will be the dominant note of humor of the series. Exaggeration . And it is essential to set a tone that forces you to not to take seriously anything that happens because the logic is not what prevails in regard to decision-making. Sometimes it will be a thing of the desire of one of the characters, other result of a difficult external obligation to explain and may also serve to simply add another delusional person, if in charge of security will be very incompetent, but then at least not going like crazy to find the murderer and do make various members of Kappa Tau.

    Backstreet Boys and 'Scream Queens'

    Yes I have to admit that ‘Scream Queens’ does not always result in the target , but that does not matter much, because what it is able to maintain a uniform tone where everything fits perfectly within your proposal. In addition, there have already been quite a few great scenes like the murder of Chanel No. 2, the murderer aboard the mower, all part of the breakdown of Chanel with Chad yes, from the unfortunate mention to him until later meeting with his best friend or boys brotherhood being apalizados by the psychopath with the Backstreet Boys background. Mamarrachismo first.

    Of course, I would not want specific scenes make me forget the great merit of the dialogues of ‘Scream Queens’ both to define the characters, even when you let things that make you think how demons are able to say something-the part of Lea Michele explaining how to get rid of a corpse it is just one of the many examples that any, such as to create the necessary environment for these hotspots work better climate and having prepared for your arrival Here I do not forget about the constant musical resource that many small moments-are highlighted. And above all they know how to go giving us clues about possible suspects, but that part of suspense much less stimulating than the comic.

    A very successful distribution

     Scene from 'Scream Queens'

    Another key for ‘Scream Queens’ is working so well until now is its impeccable cast, not so much because they are worthy extraordinary performances -the some kind of prize that comes closest would be a phenomenal Emma Roberts as the fact that they all have understood very well their characters and have chosen a suitable approach to them. The point is that everything could fall apart with only one misunderstand what I had to contribute.

    I do not have at all clear how this can work long term for example, it is clear that the character of the very inspired Jamie Lee Curtis shares much with Sue Sylvester of ‘Glee’, which at first amazed and then, well, let’s be generous and say that ended desvirtuada- somewhat, but I will to worry about it considering that the target audience to think that things are going to stay in a single season. In addition, there are several memorable sure episodic appearances to encourage the roost. I have faith .

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    ‘Scream Queens’, a landmark of mamarrachismo
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